Goncalo Alves


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Trade or Common Name: Goncalo alves Local Name: Ron-ron Botanical Name: Astronium graveolens Family: Anacardiaceae The Tree: Goncalo alves is a large canopy tree, sometimes reaching 120 feet in height in the natural rainforest, with a trunk 3 feet in diameter. The tree has a clear, straight cylindrical bole for two-thirds or more of its height, above a small buttress. Goncalo alves ranges in color from light to reddish brown to deep mahogany red-brown with a striking figure created by beautiful, bold, brown to nearly black irregular markings or striping. The texture is fine to medium and uniform, with a fine grain, varying from straight to interlocked and wavy. In spite of its high density, goncalo alves turns readily, carves well, finishes very smoothly, and takes a beautiful natural polish. The wood is rated highly durable and has strength values considerably higher than any well-known U.S. species

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